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“Uncommon” Media Company Web Design

Uncommon is a conceptual Internet media company. This was a course project at the UNC School of Media and Journalism under Tobias Rose.

Above is the home page design, a fixed-position layout with a carousel-style display. An excerpt along with meta-data for the most recent blog post of the company is displayed left along with a featured image, while the next post is presented right. The preview here is of the first post in chronological order, but the positioning for the in-focus post and the next-post will always remain the same. There is also a post navigation feature on the left side.

On our right is an example of a content page, if one were to click on a blog post preview.

Here on the left is a landing page intended for a specific target audience. The idea is to direct users through social media advertising to this page, to the sign up for a newsletter delivering only the content they wish to see to their inboxes. Once done, the page’s “paywall” is then unlocked and the gradient and fixed-scroll hindrance is uplifted on the back-end.

The website’s intentions are to be visual-first without compromising readability and the integrity of the story. The layout is full-width for breathing room on either side and to ease the eyes. To reduce distraction and mess, a hamburger menu is in use, while top-level pages are kept present at the top for desktop.

A much larger view is below.

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All In 1 Services, LLC Web Design

All In 1 Services is a general contracting company specializing in electrical, local to Raleigh-Durham, NC and also serving in Ohio. The website design was updated in 2015 and will be revamped in 2020.

Building the website, the focus was on desktop while considering mobile secondarily but with respect. Under the renewal, mobile will come first as practically the majority of our users access it by their phone.

Frame Mobile App Concept & Design

Frame is a conceptual app for all designers created for a UX course at the UNC School of Media and Journalism under Laura Ruel. Frame takes your smartphone’s camera and delivers you design specs on a specific object in the real world using machine learning (AI). Find out what any font is, the specific HEX code of a striking color, and even the dimensions of a magazine you happen upon.

The app’s design itself embraces simplicity and favors high usability, whether through Saved Searches or offering Tutorials and learning incentives to keep users coming back. Frame is not intended to be a one-time-use tool, but a resource for designers to bring the real world into their work online.

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