Fandom Newspaper Layout Design

Taking an Entertainment Blog Offline

Fandom is a “fan-trusted source in entertainment” without a physical product, hence this original creation. While “The Fandom Post” follows branding guidelines and shows off our photo-editing and illustration skills, this is entirely conceptual.

Intended for practice, the eight-page layout design was finished in four hours from ideation to print and joining spreads. Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator were used.

Magic, Spread by Spread

Read the Piece

In the top right corner below, you can open this document to read for yourself. Isn’t that nifty. Not seeing it? Open it here.

Please note: not all images belong to Brett Zeck or Sola Visual Design. All body copy and respective images are attributed to their authors from Fandom’s website contributors, and all other writing is ours. This is merely a conceptual piece and we do not claim Fandom as a client.