Bon Iver Handwriting Tattoo

The Inspiration

When Bon Iver dropped their fourth studio album – entitled i,i – the music moved Trent. It was an encouragement to his mental health, and one track significantly carried with him so much so as to commemorate it with ink.

In the song “RABi” (pronounced like Robbie), the line “If you wait, it won’t be undone” opens and closes the track. Suggesting that by living life focused on an afterlife, a tomorrow, you miss today. You cannot get that time back, and it won’t be undone. Justin Vernon’s songwriting is now etched forever on one of his fans.

The artist’s handwriting from the track’s single artwork (right), along with a more direct capture of Justin’s chicken scratch, were copied, digitally transferred, and arranged to Trent’s newest tattoo. Check it out…

The comma situated at the center comes from the single artwork above. Its presence is also inspired by the common use of the semicolon in raising awareness for mental health. The semicolon, and thus the comma here, suggest an urge to continue, to fight your inner demons.

Other Concept Variations & Assets