High resolution and beautiful stock photography is abundant online, making the use of photographers for simple jobs obsolete. (But still, nothing can replace the good ole fashioned cameraman.) Think finding free video and motion assets for your next production, whether commercial or for hobby, would be difficult? Nope.

This laundry list is provided by the genius of u/Reno-_- and u/ThakurV on Reddit (see original thread). All thanks to these two and the various libraries they mention. But first, let’s talk about what ‘free’ means…

Licenses and Attribution

Public Domain and Creative Commons 0 licenses are free assets which do not require attribution. Go wild! On the other hand, Creative Commons 3.o licenses vary by the author’s say. They almost all require attribution, some have additional restrictions such as No Commercial UseNo Derivatives, and Share Alike. Honor their hard work and acknowledge creator(s). A simple mention in your end-credits or the description of your video might suffice.

  1. Pexels Video – Creative Commons 0
    • Yes, it’s that site with amazing free photography. They have videos, too.
  2. Pixabay – Creative Commons 0
    • They do video on top of photo, and they appear to be of higher quality than their still counterparts.
  3. MotionArray – Creative Commons 0
    • Select items can be downloaded with a free account.
  4. Mitch Martinez – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • Footage may be used in commercial projects but you must obtain a release, for which there does not appear to be a limit or cost.
  5. Vidlery – Public Domain
    • Animations free to do with as you like.
  6. Life of Vids – Creative Commons 0
    • About 250 searchable clips without restrictions.
  7. Mazwai – Creative Commons 0
    • A smaller but still honorable gallery of clips.
  8. Free HD Footage – Creative Commons 0
    • A collection of free footage without restrictions.
  9. Stock Footage for Free – Creative Commons 0
    • A selection of free footage, sponsored by a footage subscription service.
  10. Motion Backgrounds for Free – Creative Commons 0
    • Motion backgrounds and effect assets, provided by the same sponsor as Stock Footage for Free.
  11. Beeple – Creative Commons 0
    • A collection of high quality 3D animations by Mike Winkleman. He provides both the finished renders and the project files to use as you see fit.
  12. IgniteMotion – Creative Commons 0
    • A gallery of footage and effect assets, free to download and use without attribution.
  13. Motion Elements – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • A source for royalty free footage, AfterEffects templates, 3D models, and other motion assets. They give away 30 elements for free every week, but you can find many more by searching and sorting by price Low to High.
  14. Downloops – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • Motion backgrounds available for free with the typical minor restrictions.
  15. Movie Tools – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • A collection of video backgrounds and motion elements. The FAQ says they are for non-commercial use, but the license agreement provides no such restrictions, so long as you do not redistribute the elements.
  16. Hubble – Creative Commons 0
    • A series of completed content from the Hubble telescope program. You may want to offer attribution to be safe.
  17. Cute Stock Footage – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • License is similar to CC0, but contains some common sense restrictions.
  18. Free HD Stock Footage – Creative Commons 0
    • A Vimeo group dedicated to sharing free footage. There are no license details but states ‘use freely’ in multiple places, which might be interpreted as CC0.
  19. Videvo – Creative Commons 0, or 3.0 with attribution
    • A library of stock footage, standard license is CC0 while some clips require attribution.
  20. Open Video Project – Public Domain, Creative Commons 4, No Commercial Use
    • A collection of clips from various sources, including many US government agencies. The website suggests not using the clips in commercial projects without obtaining a license. Judging by the sources, some clips may be public domain or have easily obtainable licenses.
  21. Clip Canvas – Creative Commons 0
    • A site with a collection of free footage. Not licensed under CC0, but the license agreement does not seem to mention commercial use or attribution, so it appears to have a similar license.
  22. HD-Trainings – Creative Commons 0
    • A German site that provides free footage and effect assets.
  23. Wave Break Media – Creative Commons 0
    • A selection of footage, images and templates made available for free every month.
  24. Give Me Free Art – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • Animations, textures, and backgrounds that are free to use with one restriction: you can’t make the files available for download anywhere else.
  25. Footage Crate – Creative Commons 3, Attribution
    • A library of animation and effect assets.
  26. Beach Front B-Roll – Creative Commons 3, Attribution
    • A blog of free footage, organized by category.
  27. Monzoom – Creative Commons 0
    • An effects and asset site that contains a free section. The license agreement contains only minor restrictions on use and doesn’t specify a difference for free assets.
  28. Splasheo – Creative Commons 0
    • A selection of animations for social media provided as uneditable videos. Some of them are exceedingly stupid.
  29. Free Loops – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • Providing video loops, including 10 a day for free.
  30. Videezy – Licences Vary
    • This video community hosts free footage with a variety of licenses, including CC0.
  31. Flickr – Licences Vary
    • The popular photo sharing site allows users to license their work under creative commons, including video. All the videos require attribution, but the advanced search function allows you to search for other license parameters.
  32. Xstockvideo – Proprietary License
    • A stock site that provides web resolution versions of videos for free. It can be used in commercial projects so long as those projects are ‘free to watch’.
  33. Vidsplay – Creative Commons 3, Attribution
    • A searchable collection of free stock footage
  34. Tanuri Experement – Creative Commons 3.0, Attribution
    • A collection of stock footage, organized by category.
  35. Pond 5 – Public Domain
    • A host to a large selection of public domain videos.
  36. The Stocks – Creative Commons 0
    • A single site that acts as a portal to many free footage sites, as well as sites for images, audio, icons and fonts.
  37. Allthestock – Creative Commons 0
    • A collection of sites that offer CC0 videos, images, music, and web development assets.
  38. SplitShire – Essentially Creative Commons 0
    • A few videos and hundreds of photos under a license that is essentially CC0, but does not allow footage to be sold.
  39. OrangeHD – Creative Commons 3, No Commercial Use
    • A collection of HD footage free to download and use, but prohibited for commercial use.
  40. Wikimedia Commons – Public Domain
    • The popular reference site provides various public domain media, including video.
  41. Library of Congress – Public Domain
    • You might not find Nicolas Cage here, but do note: “While the Library is not aware of any U.S. copyright protection (see Title 17, U.S.C.) or any other restrictions in the materials in the Inventing Entertainment: The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies, there may be content protected as ‘works for hire’ (copyright may be held by the party that commissioned the original work) and/or under the copyright or neighboring-rights laws of other nations.”
  42. National Park Service – Public Domain
    • Need to feature parks and landmarks? Everything downloadable is public domain, but the NPS maintains that it can not be used to appear that the NPS endorses any product or company.
  43. Archive – Public Domain
    • Archive provides a searchable resource for public domain footage, as well as images and music.

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